So, who is this guy?

Hey, my name is Hans Romang.
I'm a developer proudly working in Utah, building and creating new digital experiences that people will love.

Here are some of my favorite technologies to work in:











UI/UX Design

Scroll down to look at my portfolio if you want to see some in action.


Chat Application: TacoBoutIt!

Here's an example of a working chat application using node.js, mySQL, Express.js, auth, use of sessions & socket.io. Worked on backend and frontend. This was a team developed project, with 3 other members. Simply go through the create account process, select another user to message, and if you are both online you see synchronized chatting!


Peer-to-Peer Marketplace: MarketMeet!

This is a MERN stack application made using Mongoose, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js with use of Cloudinary for photo uploads along with some authentication in order to post your item. Either check out the items that other users have uploaded, or sign up to sell your own. After signing up for an account, you can post an item, a picture of said item, and a description for others to see. This project was developed by myself and two others. I created the React frontend, setup dB and helped with the authentication (primarily through use of props.)


Friend Finder App!

This is an application that uses API calls to push and fetch JSON data and compares between the results of the users input and other users in the database. It will determine who's your best match within the app and display the result in a modal . This was developed using Node.js, Express.js, uses RESTful API calls and developed with Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


Mongo App/Scraper!

This is use of MongoDB and Mongoose to create a noSQL RESTful application that utilizes scraping of KSL's data to provide articles that users can save, save a note to, and delete. Built with Node.js, Express.js. Click the button to scrap new articles from KSL's website.


'Bamazon' - MySQL Database Mockup!

This is an example of a MySQL application,a mock 'Amazon' shop in the CLI that utilizes Node.js and MySQL. Simply run the application, it will show you available items, or you can upload your item to the database to show pricing, title, and stock.


Node.js Spotify App!

Using Spotify's API, this is a search engine developed through Node.js as a CLI project. After running the application, simply type in the name of a song or artist and it will show you results regarding the terms you searched.


React Project - Sort Your Robots!

An app built with react to help sort out robots, pulled from a robot API. I used dummy data that is associated with robots.


Java Minesweeper!

A group project built for my 1340 class. Together with a team of 2 other individuals, we built minesweeper from the ground up, using a swing as a GUI. I built the game win/lose classes, boardrandomizer class, and helped with the GUI.


Have a question? Wanna work together?

email: romanghans@gmail.com